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Artotems Co. provides marketing, design, and consulting. We produce unique digital designs for presenting and communicating on the web and in print.  


The Alan Watts Media Project

Artotems Co. design based on a collaboration with Mark Watts, Alan Watts son. 

The ego is nothing other than the focus of conscious attention.

Alan Watts

Played 22 times

Alan Watts on Carl Jung after Jung’s death. Partial recording.

Alan Watts

Alan Watts brought the ideas of Eastern religion to the Western world in ways that no one did before or since. He’s been called the Godfather of Zen in America.

I remember reading “The Way of Zen” (published in 1957) many years ago and being changed by it. The echoes of what I read still resonate throughout my life.

To my surprise and delight I have been working with his son Mark Watts on a few projects over the past year. As a result I have had access to material about his father that has reinvigorated my interest and appreciation of Alan Watts. As I have gone over the material I now have at hand I’ve come across the profound sense of humor that Watts had. Humor with a very real sense of Zen embeded deeply within it. Each time I work with some element of writing, video, or audio from Watts I am moved and a smile wells up from within to appear on my face and “fft Pop” sparks through my brain.

The Alan Watts Media Project at Artotems Co. Link

The Alan Watts Media Project at Artotems Co. Link